• A Historic Railway Lodge
    of decommissioned line Treviso-Ostiglia


    Treviso-Ostiglia Line

    It all began in 1949 when my grandfather Mario, who was a railway operator, was transferred from Venice to Villaganzerla, a small town close to Vicenza. He began to work at one of the ninety railway-track maintenance workers’ lodges that existed along the old Treviso-Ostiglia line. At that time, my grandfather, my grandmother Amelia and my mother Nina, who was only seven years old, became the custodians of the lodge which would later become a permanent residence for our family.

    La Treviso-Ostiglia dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale

    The Postwar

    Ponte della Treviso-Ostiglia

    The war had just ended and the railway line, which had been heavily damaged during the bombing raids, was now functioning again. Practically everywhere the local population set about repairing what had been damaged and there was a strong desire to build something new.

    Like many others, in this period of renovation and change my grandparents decided they would begin a new chapter in their lives which was to be enriched by new events unfolding all around them.

    New friends appeared and knocked on the solid reassuring doors of the railway lodge, new trains passed along the tracks and the number of travelers who passed through that small stop in the village of Villaganzerla gradually increased.

    Mom & Dad

    Little by little, my grandparents and my mother became very fond of the community where they lived at the foot of the Berici hills and when the Treviso-Ostiglia line was decommissioned in the 1960s, they decided to continue living at this site, which was destined to retain forever the spirit of its former use as a stop-off point or destination for travelers.

    My mother met her future husband, my father Giuseppe, at Villaganzerla. They became officially engaged and after a few years decided to get married. Because my mother had become very attached to this place, they set up their home in the second apartment at the lodge.

    Sfondo con i binari della Treviso-Ostiglia

    The Purchase

    La Casa Cantoniera oggi Nina Guest House negli anni ottanata

    This is where Roberta, my sister, and I grew up, listening to the stories of our grandparents’ travels and adventures and hearing about the many people that had occasionally stopped at that site seeking shelter for the night.

    In the 1980s my grandfather bought the whole building and the adjoining land. My parents later had a house built on this land and this is where we grew up.

    When my grandparents passed away, my parents decided to restructure the old lodge, completely changing the interior and adding a new wing but without modifying the external façade so as to leave a reminder of the original use of the building.

    The work resulted in the creation of two spacious and well-illuminated apartments of about 100 sq. m each, one on the ground floor and the other above it on the first floor.

    Nina Guest House

    In 2013 I decided to transform the railway lodge into a holiday home. I called it the Nina Guest House in memory of my mother Nina, who passed away in 2006.

    The building is thus still used by travelers, many of whom are tourists that have decided to visit some of the beautiful cities in the Veneto, and others choose the lodge as a base while they are engaged in business in the local province or region.

    I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet every day many wonderful people who come here from all over the world.

    Let’s say that, judging from some of the stories I hear and the impression of many of our guests, the ‘karma’ of this house appears to be very positive and my purpose is to make this beautiful story to continue…




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